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Two-Echelon Vehicle Routing Problem


Collection of benchmark instances

The instances are a collection of different sets of benchmark instances for the 2-Echelon Vehicle Routing Problem. They have been transformed into one consistent file format, and some small mistakes have been corrected. We also provide detailed reference solutions for all of the instances. If you find any mistakes or have additional material to add please feel free to contact me at Thank you.


The unified instance format

Textfiles, extension ".dat"
Lines starting with a "!" are human readable comments and can be disregarded by the reading routine.
First we specify truck characteristics in one line: Number of trucks, capacity, cost per distance, fixcost.
Then we specify city freighter characteristics: Max. number of city freighters per satellite, total number of city freighters available, capacity, cost per distance, fixed cost.
For the classical 2EVRP the last two values of vehicle characteristics can be disregarded for both vehicle types (Cost per distance is always 1 for any vehicle type, fixed costs are always 0.)
Then we define depot and satellites in one line: x,y coordinates of the depot, then all x,y coordinates of the satellites.
Finally we define all the customers in one line: x,y,demand.



Instance Files: ZIP Archive with collected instance files, unified formatting, Set 2 - Set 6
The solutions are available in pRoute files. They can be plotted with Fabien Tricoire's nice visualisation tool "pRoute", which is free for download here: "pRoute". Files are also human readable, the ".pif" file contains the information on the instance (locations and demands of the nodes). The solution files ".psf" carry solution-specific information: the sequence of nodes to visit on each route of each vehicle, corresponding costs and load etc.
Solutions: ZIP Archive with all pRoute instance files (.pif) and corresponding best solution files (.psf)
    Last update: Jan 20, 2015