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Publications of Margaretha Gansterer

Books & Edited Volumes

2008 (top)

Preusser, M. (2008), Simulation and Optimization in Supply Chain Management. ISBN 9783639055078.


2018 (top)

Dragomir, A., Nicola, D., Soriano, A., Gansterer, M. (2018), Multi-depot pickup and delivery problems in multiple regions: A typology and integrated model. International Transactions in Operational Research 25 (2): 569-597. (more information)

Gansterer M., Hartl R.F. (2018), Centralized bundle generation in auction-based collaborative transportation. OR Spectrum, DOI: 10.1007/s00291-018-0516-4. (more information)

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F. (2018), The collaborative multi-level lot-sizing problem with cost synergies. Submitted.

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F. (2018), Collaborative vehicle routing: A survey. European Journal of Operational Research, 268, 1–12. (Abstract) (more information)

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F. (2018), One- and two-sided assembly line balancing problems with real-world constraints. International Journal of Production Research, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2017.1394599. (Abstract) (more information)

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F. (2018), Combinatorial auctions for collaborative multi-level lotsizing problems. In: Grubbström, R.W., Hinterhuber, H.H., Twentieth International Working Seminar on Production Economics, 2018, Innsbruck: 139-150.

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F., Salzmann, E.H. (2018), Exact solutions for the collaborative pickup and delivery problem. Central European Journal of Operations Research, 26(2): 357-371. (Abstract) (more information)

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F., Savelsbergh, M. (2018), The value of information in auction-based carrier collaborations. Working paper.

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F., Sörensen, K. (2018), Pushing frontiers in auction-based transport collaborations. Submitted. (Abstract)

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F., Vetschera, R. (2018), The cost of incentive compatibility in auction-based mechanisms for carrier collaboration. Networks, accepted.

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F., Wieser, S. (2018), The cost of continuity in the collaborative pickup and delivery problem. Submitted.

Soriano, A., Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F. (2018), The two-region multi depot pickup and delivery problem. Submitted.

2017 (top)

Gansterer, M., Kücüktepe, M., Hartl, R.F. (2017), The multi-vehicle profitable pickup and delivery problem. OR Spectrum 39 (1), 303–319. (Abstract) (more information)

2016 (top)

Gansterer M., Hartl R.F. (2016), Comparing solution methods for the simple assembly line balancing problem with a limited number of machine types. In: Grubbström, R.W., Hinterhuber, H.H., Nineteenth International Working Seminar on Production Economics, 2016, Innsbruck, Vol. 4, pp. 63-72.

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F. (2016), Request evaluation strategies for carriers in auction-based collaborations. OR Spectrum, 38(1), pp. 3-23 (First Online: 23 July 2015). (Abstract) (more information)

Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F. (2016), Combinatorial auctions in collaborative vehicle routing. IFORS News, Volume 10 (4), pp. 15-16. (more information)

Tricoire, F., Parragh, S.N., Gansterer, M. (2016), The Golf Tourist Problem. In: Feichtinger, G., Dawid, H., Dörner, K.F., Kort, P.M., Seidl, A. (Eds.), Dynamic Perspectives on Managerial Decision Making - Essays in Honor of Richard F. Hartl, Springer: 473-489. (Abstract)

2015 (top)

Almeder, C., Gansterer, M. (2015), Robuste operative Planung. In: Claus T., Herrmann F., Manitz M. (Eds.), Produktionsplanung und -steuerung - Forschungsansätze, Methoden und deren Anwendungen, Springer, pp. 47-60.

Gansterer, M. (2015), Aggregate planning and forecasting in make-to-order production systems. International Journal of Production Economics 170: 521-528. (Abstract) (more information)

2014 (top)

Gansterer, M. (2014), Impact of aggregate planning on the performance of make-to-order production systems. In: Grubbström, R.W., Hinterhuber, H.H., Eighteenth International Working Seminar on Production Economics, 2014, Innsbruck, Vol. 1, pp. 143-154. (Abstract)

Gansterer, M., Almeder, C., Hartl R.F. (2014), Simulation-based optimization methods for setting production planning parameters. International Journal of Production Economics 151: 206–213. (Abstract) (more information)

2011 (top)

Huebl, A., Altendorfer, K., Jodlbauer, H., Gansterer, M., Hartl, R.F. (2011), Flexible model for analyzing production systems with discrete event simulation. Proceedings of 2011 Winter Simulation Conference, Phoenix, USA, pp. 1554-1565, Omnipress 2011, ISBN: 978-1-4577-2106-9 (DOI: 10.1109/WSC.2011.6147873). (Abstract) (more information)

2009 (top)

Almeder, C., Preusser, M., Hartl, R.F. (2009), Simulation and optimization of supply chains: alternative or complementary approaches?. OR Spectrum 31 (1, January) 95–119.
reprinted in: Günther, Hans-Otto; Meyr, Herbert (Eds.) Supply Chain Planning - Quantitative Decision Support and Advanced Planning Solutions, Springer, Berlin, 2009, 29-53. (Abstract) (more information)
  Downloads: Alm_2009_350.pdf

2007 (top)

Almeder, C., Preusser, M. (2007), A toolbox for simulation-based optimization of supply chains. In: Henderson, S.G., Biller, B., Hsieh, M.-H., Shortle, J., Tew, J. D. and Barton, R.R. (eds.), Proceedings of the 2007 Winter Simulation Conference, 1932-1939. (Abstract)

Almeder, C., Preusser, M. (2007), A hybrid simulation optimization approach for supply chains. In: Zupancic, B., Karba, R., Blazic, S., Proceedings of the 6th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation, ARGESIM/ASIM-Verlag, CD, (ISBN: 978-3-901608-32-2). (Abstract)

Gronalt, M., Hartl, R.F., Preusser, M. (2007), Design eines globalen Liefernetzes für Papier - eine Fallstudie. In: Hans Corsten und Hubert Missbauer (Eds.), Produktions- und Logistikmanagement - Festschrift für Günther Zäpfel zum 65. Geburtstag, Vahlen, pp. 597-616, ISBN 978-3-8006-3438-5. (more information)

2005 (top)

Preusser, M., Almeder, C., Hartl, R.F., Klug, M. (2005), LP Modelling and Simulation of Supply Chain Networks. In: H.O. Günther, D.C. Mattfeld, L. Suhl (eds.): Supply Chain Management und Logistik - Optimierung, Simulation, Decision Support. Physica-Verlag, Heidelberg, pp. 95-113 (ISBN 3-7908-1576-4). (Abstract)

Preusser, M., Almeder, C., Hartl, R.F., Klug, M. (2005), Hybrid Supply Chain Modelling - Combining LP-Models and Discrete-Event Simulation. ORP3 - Operational Research Peripatetic Postgraduate Programme proceedings, Maroto Álvarez María Concepción, Alcaraz Soria Javier, Ruiz García Rubén, Crespo Abril Fortunato, Vallada Regalado, Eva (Eds.), ESMAP, S.L., Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, pp. 163-170 (ISBN 84-689-3077-6). (Abstract)

2004 (top)

Almeder, C., Preusser, M. (2004), Mixed Analytical / DEVS Approach to ARGESIM Comparison C14 "Supply Chain Management" using Xpress-MP and Anylogic. SNE Simulation News Europe 41/42, Argesim/Asim, Vienna, p. 50 (ISSN 1015-8685).

Preusser, M., Hartl, R.F., Dörner, K. (2004), Column Generation for Bin Packing Problems. Proceedings of the 5th EuroSim Congress on Modelling and Simulation,
Paris, France (Full Papers CD Volume, ISBN 3-901608-28-1).

PhD Theses

2008 (top)

Preusser, M. (2008), A combined approach of simulation and optimization in supply chain management. PhD Thesis, University of Vienna.


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