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Presentations of Margaretha Gansterer

2018 (top)

Gansterer, M. (2018), Combinatorial auctions for collaborative multi-level lotsizing problems, 20th International Working Seminar on Production Economics. February 19-23, Innsbruck, Austria.

2017 (top)

Gansterer M. (2017), A new bidding process for combinatorial transportation auctions. Verolog 2017, July 10-12, Amsterdam.

Gansterer M. (2017), Multi-Round Combinatorial Auctions for Carrier Collaboration, Informs TSL Conference 2017, July 26-29, Chicago USA.

Gansterer M. (2017), The benefit of information sharing in horizontal carrier collaborations. OR Berlin 2017, September 06-08, Berlin, Germany.

2016 (top)

Gansterer, M. (2016), Bundle generation in combinatorial transportation auctions, OR 2016, Hamburg, Germany.

Gansterer, M. (2016), Comparing Solution Methods for the Simple Assembly Line Balancing Problem with a Limited Numbers of Machine Types. International Working Seminar on Production Economics, Innsbruck, February 22-26.

2014 (top)

Gansterer M. (2014), Improving an auction based exchange mechanism for the collaborative carrier routing problem. OR 2014, Aachen.

Gansterer, M. (2014), Impact of Aggregate Planning on the Performance of Make-to-Order Production Systems. International Workshop on Production Economics 2014, Innsbruck.

Gansterer, M. (2014), Request evaluation strategies for carriers in auction-based collaborations. EULOG Conference 2014, Vienna.

2013 (top)

Gansterer, M. (2013), Simulation-based Optimization Methods for Setting Production Planning Parameters. OR 2013, Rotterdam.

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